Appeal (english)

Bleau’s boulders need your respect

The climbing boulders in Fontainebleau forest have been progressively eroded by the growing numbers of climbers visiting the massif, some of whom are not aware of the damage they cause. The most visible of these concerns chalk, the compulsive and unfettered use of which disfigures more and more boulders, which are left covered in white marks and stains. Another problem is climbing with dirty soles, which renders the fragile sandstone footholds slippery, while repetitive brushing (often to clean off chalk) mechanically wears down handholds. Occasional and regular climbers, we cannot just stand by and watch this exceptional heritage become irreversibly damaged. We believe that the magic and beauty of Bleau, famous among climbers the world over, should be preserved for future generations.

As signatories of this appeal, we are committed to encouraging the whole community of Bleau climbers to apply good practise in order to minimise the impact of climbers on the boulders. Therefore, all powders (chalk and resin) should be banned in Bleau except when used in the smallest of quantities, enclosed within a cloth (eg. Chalk balls) and applied to the hands, never directly to the rock. Ideally, climbers should simply do without it, as many already do without reducing their pleasure in climbing. It is also very important to always use a scrap of doormat or a cloth to carefully clean the soles of your shoes before climbing on any boulders (wiping them on the crashpad is not enough).

By setting a good example, and by informing visitors to Bleau as well as the locals, we believe that all climbers will grow more respectful of their playground.